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✩ Usuniki ✩
When other girls announce getting married and you just there cheating on your vanilla ice cream with another ice cream but instead is a chocolate flavor

Is funny how people say they love to sleep or they sleep a lot, but all they do is go to bed like 4am or 5am and wake up around 6hours later. If you love to sleep shouldn’t you be heading to bed sooner and sleep longer? People this days don’t make any sense anymore.

Since my friend ishyneko started school today, she inspired me to make this for her and and all of you who are going back to school lol
The new fifty shades of grey movie looks great!
Happy 2th Anniversary!!! ishyneko
ジャスミンはあなたを愛して <3 
I’m coming for your booty!
My face when my fiance told me 4years ago he wants to get married <3 
I’ve been packing 📦 (to move out), shopping 👙 this days (for a trip that I’m going) and a weeding I’m attending as well~! Very busy these days ᕙ(⇀ω↼‶)ᕗ haven’t got the time to sit down and write anime reviews (ι´Д`)ノ (8 reviews waiting) I also got an eos balm that I wanted to try out!

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